Skeleton Key

May 1, 2006 - One Response

Starring Kate Hudson, I thought this movie was one of those where you think you have it all figured out but at the end it does a 180. I’m usually good at predicting what is going to happen, and I got most of it until the last 10 mins. It had its share of suspence and mystery. The setting was awesome, who doesn’t love a movie centering around an old house with questions locked away? I know I do!

It kept my interest and had a couple intense scenes, but this is one of those movies that you only really watch once. Someone else in the household didn’t get a chance to view it when I did so we rewatched it. I went upstairs to fiddle around on the computer because it no longer held my interest. A year from now I can take it off the shelf and watch it again and it might still hold my attention. I’m very picky about movies but I would recommend this one to pretty much anyone except those into the sci-fi genre because we all know a movie about hoodoo (sp?) and a house full of suprises is far from that!